Note:  All classes are booked and paid for via the website or app. If you register for a class and drop out more than 6 hours before the advertised class start time you will receive a full refund (note:  If you purchased the class using PAYG this will appear on your Glofox account as a class credit).  If the class has 2 or fewer participants 3 hours before starting it will be cancelled and you will be sent a notification (3 hours’ notice) and a full refund.  You can use the credits for any class with your favourite instructors - variety is good for the body and mind!  The pack is for one individual - it is not a family and friends pack.

When we collect your class payments we do this as agent for the class instructor running the class that you book to attend.  This means we hold the money we have collected on behalf on the instructor and only release payment to them once you have attended their class or your booking can no longer be cancelled.