A fitness class influenced by Pilates, body-weight strength training and Ballet barre work. It is a full body, low impact workout to music, using small isometric movements to target specific muscle groups.  You will feel the burn!


Boxfit is a cardio workout based on the training used for boxing so it includes pad work drills, skipping, footwork drills and abdominal work – all focusing on fitness and toning. Suitable for all fitness levels, this class will improve your core and build strength. Great fun and a great workout!

Baby S&C

+ baby

You will see this as Strength & Conditioning + baby - These are regular classes which also welcome babies aged 3 months or older - they can either stay in their buggy or in the play pen provided (BYO toys) in the studio with you.  

If you have had a baby we're assuming you know of any diastasis recti or pelvic floor dysfunction and are aware of  any limitations.  If you're not sure about this we recommend seeing one of our osteopaths for a Mummy MOT.

Flexibility & Mobility

Spent the day crumpled over a computer? This class is for you! It offers a low impact cardio element paired with deep stretching and mobilisation through your spine and limbs to help you decrease likelihood of sporting injuries, increase your range of movement and decrease your muscle stiffness. Building stamina through movement and held stretches you will leave class feeling more open and supple.

Stretching on the floor
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Low Impact Intensity Training, sometimes also known as LISS (Low Impact Steady State). Using slow and controlled movements which if you’re using a heavy enough weight doesn’t bring down the intensity - in fact it increases the burn. In short, LIIT uses heavy weights, resistance bands, and Pilates-inspired bodyweight moves get you toned, lean and strong without putting the stress on your joints - or your mind.


Mat Pilates will keep your spine healthy by strengthening your deep stabilising muscles, mobilising your joints and correcting muscular imbalances. Focusing on the breath and moving with control, Pilates will leave you feeling taller, stronger and more connected to yourself.

Pilates Flora
PN Pilates 2

Postnatal Pilates

Your body can change in many ways during pregnancy and birth and sometimes it can result in an overly stressed pelvic floor or stretched tummy muscles or a weak lower back.  Life with a babe in arms and possibly a toddler in tow may not allow much in the way of rehab time.  The focus of this class is to strengthen those deep support muscles and get them working in synch again.  This is a baby friendly class - as long as they aren't yet mobile!  

Post Natal Recovery

Using weights, bands and body weight to help rebuild strength, alignment and mobility from your deep core. This is not a one size fits all, it's low impact and there are always options - you set the challenge.
We recommend this from after your GP check post partum. If you have had a baby we're assuming you know of any diastasis recti or pelvic floor dysfunction and are aware of any limitations. If you're not sure about this we recommend seeing one of our osteopaths for a Mummy MOT.
Babies are welcome!

PN class
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Strength & Conditioning

In a strength and conditioning class the instructor will take you through a full, or focused, body workout and may use a variety of equipment such as barbells, suspension training, kettle bells, hand weights or resistance bands and of course body weight!  


A low-impact workout with a calm rhythm.  It will make you fitter, stronger and more flexible and improve your balance.

Each teacher brings a different pace and style to their class - please read the class specific description to get a good idea of the focus of the class.

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Prenatal Yoga/Gentle Yoga

Prenatal yoga encourages stretching, mental centring and focused breathing.  This will help you increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, sleep better, decrease your aches and pains, headaches and shortness of breath.  And of course you get to met other local mums to be!

Private Classes

For those that want a private class outside of our regular class times with an instructor please email us. 

Classes are 1 hour in duration and follow the same pricing structure as PT.

Personal Health Instructor


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