Express facial

Give your skin a boost!  Your therapist will choose a treatment plan depending on your skins needs -a cleanse, light  exfoliation, either a face massage or treatment mask with neck and shoulder massage.

Good for:  All skin types including sensitive.

Joanna uses Neal's Yard products and Ana-Maria uses Temple products.

This is a 30 minute treatment.

It can be combined with a 30 or 60 minute massage.




Facial 4
+ BABY - 11

The Foot Ritual

This is for those aching, sore feet!

Firstly a purifying therapeutic exfoliation of the dry skin is completed followed by a relaxing foot massage.  The treatment is finished with a foot mask to banish those dry, cracked heals, leaving the skin smoother and rejuvenated.

This is a 30 minute treatment.




Signature facial

Treatment includes a skin consultation to adapt to each person’s individual needs/concerns (e.g. congestion, dehydration, sensitivity or dullness).

Each treatment will incorporate the following depending on your skin's needs: a cleanse, exfoliation, steam (if required), hand/arm massage and face massage using a specific face oil (to enhance, energise, sculpt and lift, drain, sooth puffiness and sensitivities). A specific skin care mask will be applied and you get a choice of scalp, foot or neck & shoulder  massage.  Moisturisers, serums & eye creams will be chosen to complete the treatment.

Joanna uses Neal's Yard products and incorporates massage tools such as Gua Sha, Kansa wand or cupping depending on your skin's needs. Ana-Maria uses Temple products.

This is either a 60 or 90 minute experience.




Facial 2
Body brush

Exfoliate & Nourish

This treatment involves the thorough exfoliation of your skin using dry body brushing which lifts and buffs away dead skin cells, encourages lymph node drainage and increases circulation followed by a salt scrub and finishing with massaging of moisturising cream to nourish the skin.

This is a 60 minute treatment.





Japanese Facial Rejuvenation

Japanese Facial rejuvenation is a treatment that combines the enlivening and uplifting effects of oil massage with the deeply relaxing and healing effects of acupressure. In Oriental Medicine different areas of our face indicates the health of particular organs. The combined use of these techniques will enhance flow of blood, lymph, tissue fluid and ‘Ki’ energy to and from the facial tissues. This energises and encourages healthy cell growth and causes the facial tissues to plump up and lift from the inside, giving a natural non-surgical face lift. This will also aid the healing process of damaged skin or scarring and can benefit many skin conditions eg facial paralysis, post stroke, dental trauma and tension held in the face. Increased tone in facial muscles can help to decrease sagging. Underlying fascia will move freely giving a healthier, fresher skin and a more radiant complexion. The treatment includes a foot or hand massage to conclude the treatment depending on client preference.

This is a 60 minute treatment.





Bdy scrub

Mud body wrap

This treatment begins with the dry body brushing and a salt & orange scrub to exfoliate and is followed by a mud body mask.  The body mask is a nourishing mineral-rich formula and is applied to the limbs and torso before they are wrapped. The body wrap's ingredients hydrate, nourish and smooth your skin for improved conditioning and also tones and tightens the skin.  While cocooned in the wrap you will relax with either a scalp or neck and face massage or a mini facial.

This is a 90 minute treatment.





I'll be back

A great treatment for that hard to reach area of your body; a cleansing treatment for the back which can help clear blocked pores by exfoliation, toning and nourishment. While the mask is working on the back, you can have your legs and feet massaged.

This is a 60 minute treatment.





Body wrap 2
body wrap 3

Deep conditioning

This starts with the deep inhalation of aromas to awaken the senses.  Then, using a dry brush and detoxifying sea salt scrub, your whole body is rubbed down and a full body mud mask is applied.  It's the perfect way to remove dead cells, cleanse and detox the skin followed by an energising full body massage.  This will leave you feeling invigorated and glowing.

This is a 120 minute treatment.





The Brockley mini break

This is the ultimate combo: a one hour full body massage and a signature facial.  When you just need a couple of hours of serious you time so your mind can wander as your body can enter a state of blissful relaxation.

This is a 120 minute treatment.





Girl getting back massage in massage salon, health spa.
Facial 5

Indulge Me

It starts with your body being brushed down with the dry brush and then the salt and orange scrub rubbed into your limbs, back, abdomen and décolletage.  The nourishing mud mask is then applied and, while you are all wrapped up, you will have the signature facial: depending on your skin's needs a cleanse, exfoliation, steam (if required), and face massage using a specific face oil (to enhance, energise, sculpt and lift, drain, sooth puffiness and sensitivities) and eye patches to soothe your eyes. A skin care mask specific to your skin will be applied and to complete your experience is a relaxing body massage.  You will look, feel and smell amazing!

This is a 150 minute treatment.





Ana will revive those tired aching legs with a combination of scrub, serum, mask & body lotion.  You won't recognise those great legs that will feel positively lighter as you exit!

This is a 60 minute treatment.





Leg revival

The Sea Holistic is a Thai inspired treatment that uses marine boluses made up of sea-salt crystals and lavender flowers. They are heated before being gently applied to tension zones where they diffuse a soothing lavender perfume.  The gentle heat of the boluses relaxes the muscles and lets the tension drain away.

This is a 60 minute treatment.