Whether you want a deep-tissue massage, a sports massage, a post-natal massage or just to relax, our experienced therapists are ready to help with your aches and strains, restore balance to body and mind and ease away your stresses.

Thai Massage therapy. Portrait asian woman enjoying massage at the spa.

Ayurvedic Massage

Stimulates Marma Points (similar to acupressure points) bringing balance, improving energy and circulation by incorporating specific warm blended treatment oils.

You can also book a specific Ayurvedic head, neck and arm massage or foot and lower leg massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is applied to both the superficial and deep layers of muscles and fascia. The sessions are often quite intense as a result of the deliberate, focused work. Regular deep tissue massage can effectively reduce stress levels and stimulate the body's natural healing process.

Hot Stones Massage

Heated stones of various sizes are incorporated into the massage session to provide a deeply relaxing massage. The therapist might also leave heated stones at specific points along your spine, in the palms of your hands, on your abdomen, or even between your toes to improve circulation in your body.

Injury/pain management

Are you recovering from recent or past injuries?  Or have musculoskeletal pain such as back pain impacting your day to day living? Our specialist soft tissue therapist can help you get back to your best with techniques to release muscle and fascia tension and provide advice on rehabilitation and injury management.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage, also known as manual lymphatic drainage, relieves swelling that happens when medical treatment or illness blocks your lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage massage involves gently manipulating specific areas of your body to help lymph move to an area with working lymph vessels.


Postnatal Massage

After the birth, your body doesn’t just “snap” back.  You may also now have a new set of aches and pains from breastfeeding and the constant lifting and carrying of your baby (and all the baby equipment). These first months are exhausting! Postnatal massage is tailored to relieve those aches and pains and give you some essential time focusing on you and your body.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is the ultimate body stress test! Your body changes dramatically over a relatively short time frame. Pregnancy massage helps ease backache, muscle aches and pains, decrease the swelling in ankles, legs and hands, and reduce the fatigue, stress and anxiety that you may be feeling at this time.


Restorative and Relaxation Massage

This massage treatment is a blend of relaxation massage and modified deep tissue massage. It is aimed at restoring tissue health, improving blood circulation and reducing stress. You will leave feeling deeply relaxed with a feeling of well-being (This is the massage people are thinking of when they say "Just give me a massage!").

Sports Massage

Sports massage is helpful if you are training for a specific event or if you have a regular heavy schedule of physical activity.  We will ask you about your training load and your plans to determine the massage you need.  It could be a pre-event massage (focusing on the muscles which will be used), post-event (helping the body recover), restorative (during the training cycle to help you train hard with less injury) or have a rehabilitative focus (help manage a return from injury).