Cropped image of beautiful pregnant young woman in sportswear holding hands on her bare tummy while doing yoga at home

As your baby grows your body adapts - your centre of gravity moves forward, your spinal curves change, ligaments soften and different areas of the body experience tension and restriction.


Osteopathic treatment helps the body to adapt to the changing dynamics that develop during pregnancy (usually, but not limited to the second and third trimesters).

During pregnancy you may experience a range of issues, including:

  • Sciatica
  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Pain around the pubic symphysis and lower abdominal pain due to the additional pressure in the pelvis
  • Circulation issues such as swelling of the legs due to increased abdominal pressure
  • Headaches
  • Rib and mid-back pain with, or without, breathing difficulties

Treatment is different for every patient, but may include techniques such as soft tissue massage, mobilisations, cranial techniques and dry needling.

Your Osteopath will:

  • Help ease the aches and pains of pregnancy
  • Give you exercises, stretches or breathing techniques to help you maintain your wellbeing
  • Assist you in preparing for childbirth by helping with fetal positioning and movement in the pelvis


Pregnancy is the ultimate body stress test; your body changes dramatically over a relatively short time frame. Pregnancy massage will:

  • Help ease backache, muscle aches and pains
  • Decrease swelling in ankles, legs and hands
  • Reduce the fatigue, stress and anxiety that you may be feeling


Antenatal Pilates and low impact exercise during pregnancy can be fantastic aids to your wellbeing - it’s good to keep moving as much as you can! Benefits include:

  • Maintaining strength
  • Increasing confidence
  • Aiding recovery post birth
  • Preventing pain
  • Reducing stress

Acupuncture for fertility and IVF

Fertility Support - men and women

IVF Support

One in six couples experience problems in conceiving. This growing problem can be attributed to unhealthy lifestyle and environmental factors - some not in our control.  Acupuncture triggers the release of prostaglandins, which sets in train a series of chemical messages up to the hypothalamus (our regulatory control centre for all hormones).  It is of particular interest in regards to fertility as it also controls the discharge of gonadotropin-releasing hormones (GnRH), which govern ovulation, menstruation and pregnancy.

  • Reducing the level of stress hormones which interfere with ovulation
  • Improving blood circulation in the uterus, ovaries and testes
  • Supporting ovarian function and follicular development
  • Increasing endorphin production and the levels of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnrH)

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are increasingly being used to assist and enhance success rates of IVF treatment.

To prepare for IVF you should ideally start acupuncture at least 3-4 months prior to commencing the IVF cycle, although even 1 month prior can make a difference to improving the success rate. The general aim of the treatment is to bring you to optimum preconceptual health.

When you start the hormone regime for IVF acupuncture treatment can assist the body in down-regulation and it can also help alleviate some of the side-effects of the medication (such as headaches, hot flushes or mood swings). Acupuncture treatment during the stimulation phase is used to promote the development of the follicles.