Lucy first became interested in Complementary/Holistic Therapies in  her early twenties when she completed the ITEC level 3 Diploma in Swedish Massage and Anatomy and Physiology in 1998. She practiced as a Massage Therapist for a few years when her daughter was small and loved it.  Unfortunately, due to a change in personal circumstance she needed to get a full time 'proper' job to enable me to pay the rent and bills.

After being made redundant from her  'proper' job after 14 long years Lucy then hit perimenopause and the feelings of anxiety and depression hit, she felt tearful, tired and lost her confidence and self-esteem.  It was during this period of  sleepless nights and never-ending anxiety that she started to reignite her love for complementary therapies and treatments again. Her passion to practice as a Therapist came back with a huge bang; she wanted to help women feel better. Lucy decided to requalify and update her skills and start practicing as a Professional Holistic Massage and Bodywork Therapist with a focus on Wellbeing for Women.  She is delighted to be here and happy to be back doing what she loves.

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It is Lucy’s belief that we cannot live a happy and meaningful life if we are disconnected and fragmented physically and mentally; that it is so important to look at all the element of our health simultaneously.


Lucy uses massage to provide support with

  • ​Physical health: body aches, chronic pain, tension, fatigue and diseases.
  • ​Emotional health: feelings such as anger, sadness, or worry.
  • ​Mental health: depression, anxiety and stress