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From his interest in sport, and management of injuries, Renato discovered osteopathy as an office worker in Glasgow and subsequently pursued a change in career to enable him to help introduce others to the benefits of osteopathy.

Having competed in badminton tournaments and being a keen recreational cyclist, he appreciates the need to balance fitness and wellbeing with life's other demands.  He enjoys treating a variety of patients from office workers through to fitness enthusiasts and deducing the root cause of the issue and how best to approach getting people back up and moving well.

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A graduate of the University College of Osteopathy, Renato has spent three post-graduate years furthering his osteopathic education at the Centre of Osteopathic Research and Excellence (CORE) in Clapton.

From his time working at CORE Renato has developed an approach that helps his patients understand their pain in the context of their own health and lifestyle, whilst providing pain relief and longer term pain solutions.